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A white cabbed semi-truck carrying a bright red trailer down an interstate. Bright green, mature trees surround the highway.

4 Myths About Semi-Truck Driving in the Summer

Driving in the summer poses unique challenges for truck drivers. Misconceptions can lead to issues that affect safety and efficiency. Understanding the reality behind these myths is crucial for maintaining optimal performance during the hottest months. Explore four myths about semi-truck driving in the summer in the blog below.

Myth 1: “Air Conditioners in Trucks Are Always Effective.”

Many drivers believe that their truck’s air conditioning system will consistently keep the cabin cool, no matter how extreme the outside temperature. However, air conditioners in trucks have limitations. Regular maintenance is essential. Park in shaded areas when possible and use window shades to reduce heat buildup inside the cab to maximize efficiency.

Myth 2: “Summer Tires Are All You Need for Hot Weather.”

While summer tires will perform better in warmer conditions, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Proper tire selection and maintenance are vital to ensure safety. Check tire pressure frequently, as it can fluctuate with temperature changes. Inspect tread depth and look for signs of uneven wear. Balancing and rotating tires regularly can also extend their lifespan and improve traction.

Myth 3: “Overheating Is Not a Concern for Trucks.”

Engine overheating can happen to any vehicle, including semi-trucks, especially during long hauls in high temperatures. Regularly inspect the cooling system, including the radiator, coolant levels, and hoses, to prevent overheating. Consider using high-quality coolant designed for extreme temperatures. Pay attention to warning signs such as increased engine temperature gauges or steam from the engine bay and address them immediately.

Myth 4: “Longer Driving Hours in Summer Are Safe.”

Extended driving hours in the summer can lead to driver fatigue, which significantly increases the risk of accidents. High temperatures can exacerbate exhaustion. Taking regular breaks, staying hydrated, and resting in a cool environment is critical. Use sunshades and wear light, breathable clothing to stay comfortable. Plan your route to include rest stops, and avoid driving during peak heat hours whenever possible.

Debunking these four myths about semi-truck driving in the summer is essential to stay safe and productive. Ensure you maintain your air conditioning system well, choose and maintain your tires properly, monitor your engine for overheating risks, and take precautions against driver fatigue. Addressing these common misconceptions can improve your safety and performance on the road during the summer months.

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