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5 Semitruck Steering Problems and Their Solutions

5 Semitruck Steering Problems and Their Solutions

Semitrucks play vital roles in the transportation industry, moving goods from one place to another. A safe, efficient movement of goods is essential in ensuring the steady growth of businesses, and this greatly depends on the performance of these trucks. The steering system of a semitruck is one of its critical components, and any hitch in its performance could lead to serious safety concerns. This article takes a closer look at some of the common steering problems of a semitruck and their solutions.

1. Low Power-Steering Fluid

A semitruck steering system uses hydraulic pressure, and power-steering fluid is the transmission medium. Low power-steering fluid levels can result in jerky or difficult steering or squealing belts. Therefore, monitoring the fluid level is crucial to avoiding disastrous outcomes. The solution to low power-steering fluids is easy: top up the system with the recommended fluid type to the required level.

2. Worn-Out Steering Gears

Worn-out steering gears are more prevalent in older semitrucks, and they could lead to serious safety concerns, such as instability, wandering, and poor steering response. A professional mechanic will be able to diagnose the exact problem. In this case, the solution involves disassembling the gearbox, aligning the steering gear with the drive wheels, replacing the worn-out components, and reassembling the gearbox.

3. Damaged Tie Rods and Ball Joints

Tie rods and ball joints are essential links in the steering system, connecting the spindle to the vehicle’s chassis. Worn-out ball joints and tie rods can lead to loose or tight steering, clunking noises, and uneven tire wear. Prompt attention to the problem is crucial to avoiding serious safety issues. The solution involves replacing the damaged components for precise steering.

4. Faulty Power-Steering Pump

A power-steering pump failure may result from stress and wear on the pump during everyday use. The failure may manifest in various ways, including squealing noises and power assistance loss. Diagnosing the issue and replacing the pump before it fails are essential. The solution involves replacing the pump with a new or repair kit, depending on the situation.

5. Misaligned Front End

Misaligned front ends are common in trucks that often operate on rough terrain, and they can result in poor steering response and severe tire wear. A shop with wheel alignment capabilities can realign the front end to factory specs so that the truck handles properly on the road. The solution demands inspection of the front-end components, alignment of the steering angle, and replacement of any damaged parts.

Semitruck steering problems are common, and they can cause severe safety concerns. Regular maintenance and inspection of the steering system components can prevent minor issues from worsening into catastrophic failures. Therefore, investing in solutions such as the maintenance of the steering system will pay off in safety and reliability, ensuring timely, safe delivery of goods.

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