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Common Causes for Your Heavy-Duty Truck Steering Issues

Common Causes for Your Heavy-Duty Truck Steering Issues

Unchecked issues can result in frustration and catastrophic damage when driving a heavy-duty vehicle on the open road. Steering problems are among the most detrimental issues you can face. Here are common causes of heavy-duty truck steering issues you should know.

Steering Fluid Issues

Your power steering system relies on fluids to keep it lubricated and functional. If you use the wrong fluid, your vehicle can become dysfunctional. Check for low fluid levels and leaks to prevent losing valve and seal integrity or the ability to control your heavy-duty truck.

Suspension Bushing Damage

Suspension bushing damage may cause heavy-duty truck steering issues. Semi-trucks have suspension bushing that connects the vehicle’s frame to the suspension components. However, the bushing can become damaged and result in steering issues over time.

If you suspect your truck’s suspension bushings have become damaged, inspect the system as soon as you can. Damaged suspension bushings can result in uneven tires and poor tire alignment.

Damaged Belts

Power steering results from a pump driven by the engine, which creates engine and power steering pump coupling. Stretching, corrosion, fraying, and fractures can occur over time, resulting in system failure.

During each vehicle maintenance inspection, check the condition of your vehicle’s power steering belt to prevent unwanted system failures. Replacement is necessary if you notice signs of damage, wear, and aging.

Worn Out Kingpins

Insufficient lubrication to kingpin bushings can result in the contact points wearing out at the steering knuckle. Some signs of kingpin failure include rough handling, incorrect vehicle alignment, and uneven or premature front tire wear.

These symptoms can cause shaking steering wheels or cabs. So, properly diagnose and repair worn kingpins, tie rods, and bushings to prevent further damage and safety risks.

Misaligned Tires

Heavy-duty truck tires can fall out of alignment when you least expect it. Wheel misalignment can result from road conditions, the brand and model of your vehicle, job performance, and other contributing factors.

Wheel misalignments are often brought on by broken steering cylinders, which would need replacement or repacking. A single wheel can also drift over time, which leads to misalignment and leaky diverter valves.

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