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Essential Brake Upgrades for Heavy-Duty Trucks

Essential Brake Upgrades for Heavy-Duty Trucks

Heavy-duty truck drivers transport goods and materials around the country thanks to their vehicles’ extreme weight-carrying capacity. Without brake maintenance, these trucks can be safety hazards on the road.

With some key upgrades and inspections, semi-truck drivers can rest assured knowing their vehicles are optimized for safety and performance. Here are the essential brake upgrades for heavy-duty trucks that will ensure your vehicle is always running smoothly.

Heavy-Duty Brake Pads

Heavy-duty brake pads are essential for semi-trucks that haul heavy loads. They provide superior braking performance and consist of materials that can withstand the extreme temperatures generated by heavy braking. Additionally, they improve stopping power, which is especially important when hauling heavy loads. Regularly inspect your truck’s heavy-duty brake pads, and replace them when necessary to ensure your safety on the road.

Heavy-Duty Rotors

Heavy-duty rotors are must-have upgrades for semi-truck brakes. They provide cooling capabilities and can withstand extreme temperatures generated by heavy braking. Checking your truck’s rotors and brakes simultaneously should help you identify any issues so you can promptly fix them and prevent accidents while driving.

Air Disc Brakes

Air disc brakes are becoming more common in semi-trucks due to their superior performance and reliability over traditional drum brakes. Air disc brakes can improve stopping power and shorten stopping distances, which is especially important when hauling heavy loads through busy streets. Additionally, air disc brakes require less maintenance than drum brakes, making them ideal for drivers who want fewer trips to the shop for repairs or maintenance.

Brake Pressure Monitor System (BPMS)

A brake pressure monitor system (BPMS) is valuable for any semi-truck driver who hauls heavy loads regularly. The BPMS monitors the pressure of the truck’s brake system to detect potential problems before they worsen and lead to costly repairs or accidents on the road.

The BPMS also provides real-time feedback on how much pressure the driver applies during braking maneuvers. This allows drivers to adjust their braking technique and maximize safety.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

An anti-lock braking system (ABS) is another essential upgrade for semi-truck drivers who haul heavy loads regularly. ABS prevents wheel lockup during hard braking maneuvers by modulating brake pressure based on road conditions and vehicle speed. It improves control over the vehicle during emergency stops or evasive maneuvers when hauling a heavy load.

The highest quality truck and trailer parts should come from a knowledgeable provider. At Van Horn Truck Parts, we offer exceptional parts for trailers and trucks at competitive prices. Our heavy-duty truck brake parts allow drivers to master their rigs and feel confident about simple repairs and replacements. For more information, contact us today.