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Top 4 Ways To Increase Your Semi-Truck Fuel Economy

When driving long distances, your semi-truck should perform optimally. Here are some helpful ways to increase your semi-truck fuel economy.

Decrease Your Speeds

It’s common knowledge that the faster you drive, the more fuel you use. It goes the same way for semi-truck drivers, so monitoring your speeds can help increase your fuel economy. Therefore, operating your semi-truck’s speeds beyond 75 miles per hour can use considerably more fuel than traveling at 65 miles per hour.

For every individual mile you increase in speed, there is a 0.14 mile-per-gallon decrease in your semi-truck fuel economy, so learning to slow down can help your fuel significantly. Focusing on driving between 50 to 60 miles per hour can help increase your truck’s mile-per-gallon rate.

Practice Tire Maintenance

Did you know that tires can considerably affect your semi-truck’s fuel economy? As pressure decreases in your tires, the mile-per-gallon rate decreases.

You can achieve the proper semi-truck tire pressure by choosing the proper tire brand, type, size, and load weight; tire pressure also depends on weather conditions. Furthermore, practicing tire maintenance can help maintain their appropriate pressure and condition.

Monitor Your Right Foot

When you travel long distances to drop off cargo and transport oversize items, it’s easy to accelerate to get to your destination quickly. However, overreliance on acceleration can lead to engine and transmission stress, which results in fast fuel usage. So practicing speed control can do wonders for your fuel economy.

Practicing fuel-saving habits can increase your fuel economy and safety while driving. Habits such as using your semi-truck’s natural momentum, staying at the highest gear as much as possible, optimizing cruise control, and increasing your semi-truck’s following distance can help considerably.

Limit Your AC Usage

During the hottest days of the year, switching on the cooling, satisfying air conditioning during your long treks can be tempting. However, using your air conditioner regularly can impact fuel economy through gas usage. So, one tip for increasing your semi-truck fuel economy is to limit the use of your AC.

Do your best to use your AC only on intolerable days when you can’t handle the heat and humidity. Otherwise, installing a portable fan in your semi-truck can provide proper airflow without sacrificing fuel.

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