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Why Proper Air Brake Maintenance Is Important for Your Truck

Why Proper Air Brake Maintenance Is Important for Your Truck

As long as you keep your truck’s brakes in excellent condition, you can drive confidently with peace of mind. Here’s why proper truck air brake maintenance is vital.

Brake Accident Prevention & Care

Compared to passenger vehicles, semi-trucks have to begin braking at a farther distance, as it takes longer to slow down and come to a complete stop. As a result, wear and tear on truck brakes can add to the time it takes to stop.

Brake maintenance is vital for commercial truck drivers, as good breaks help them quickly anticipate stop distances for their vehicles while keeping other drivers safe. Code-qualifying brakes help trucking businesses save on finances from hefty accidents and additional citations. Finally, maintaining all truck parts by the law and brake systems and meeting federal regulations is essential when drivers are legally responsible.

Understanding Performance-Based Brake Tests

A performance-based brake test (PBBT) asses the braking performance of vehicles. They measure the force brakes apply to each axle and wheel and the applied force to the entire vehicle.

The PBBTs asses overall truck braking capabilities via stopping tests that determine the truck’s stopping distances in various conditions. Truck companies should move forward with these tests and truck lot brake-performance evaluations.

Tips for Air Brake Maintenance

Truck air brake maintenance is essential for safety and legal reasons. Let’s look at some tips for staying safe and ensuring proper brake efficiency.

Understand Your Brakes

Understanding air brakes for your truck is crucial for proper performance and reliance. They’re suitable for semi-trucks that need exceptional stopping power and run in higher temperatures due to increased weight and severe performance issues.

Air brakes enhance the performance and brake drag reduction while increasing brake life. Not only do they reduce service time, but they also reduce downtime and overall ownership costs. Air brakes also maximize fuel economy in semi-trucks.

At Van Horn Truck Parts, we offer high-quality, heavy-duty truck and trailer parts ranging from significant repair to routine maintenance. We carry semi-truck air brake parts that include brake camshafts, chambers, slack adjusters, air dryers, and more to keep your truck performing optimally. Reach out to us today for more information.